how do you keep your kitchen more clean?

Jo T.
The most important: possess only the equipment you need, and organise cupboards and pantry so that everything has its place. Do the dishes (or load the dishwasher) promptly. Clean in the few mintues something is simmering or boiling.
Angelica E.
well , I started cleaning around the house while listening to a favorite audio book . sometimes , I clean for 5 min and sometimes I prolong it to 1 hour . the thing is , it all started with me cleaning my desk , and only my desk . although , its an easy task ,as time went it became easier for me to clean . start small , very small and trust that you will eventually form a habit of cleaning. hope that was useful
Tehreem E.
Before cooking i gather all the ingredients in bowls on my counter like we see in cooking shows so that at the time of cooking it's not a mess & everything is approachable that makes it easier to cook & less mess happens
Claire J.
Clean as I go, having a washing up bowl ready with hot, soapy water and wiping down surfaces in between food preparation
Steven R.
Throughout the day I pick up any small trash as I see it and slowly load the dishwasher so dishes aren’t piled up in the sink. Also I like to wipe down the counters and just get any dirt and food off swiping it onto the floor. Then I’ll sweep the floors at night and also get the leaves and twigs brought in from my dogs.
Louise E.
It's a constant challenge, so it requires constant effort. I'll admit, it often gets out of hand, but when I'm feeling good and have energy, it comes together and sparkles.

If the kitchen has exploded with mess from a big meal or a busy day, I'll start with the biggest most useful surfaces. Everything on the most important counter gets thrown in the sink, put in the cupboard, and then wiped down. I keep a one step no-rinse solution of vinegar, water, and a little dish soap (you can look up the recipe) in a spray bottle on the kitchen counter at all times to make it easier for myself.