What do you do during your clean up ?

Enrique Y.
I clean the kitchen so I'm more likely to cook a cook a good breakfast in the morning. If the kitchens still a mess from the night before I'm less likely to follow through with eating well.
Samantha Z.
Usually start by lighting insence.then clearing surfaces , then wiping down those surfaces. Do a sweep through the house, organize the shoes. If there's any dishes I'll also do those
Theodore J.
I reorder things
Also because I really need to do it
My bedroom is a disastrous place and I think that it affected also my habits and my mind and I want to restart and make a new better me
Nils Y.
I usually do simple things to make my space seem cleaner, which can make you more open minded I realized. Things like making my bed, organizing my dresser if it isn't already, and maybe even sweeping the floor and opening the blinds.