Do you get rid of your clothes if you’re on a diet?

Timothy O.
I only get rid of clothes that do not make me happy. My size goes up and down over the years and I'm ok with that, but I refuse to buy or keep clothes that do not reflect my inner self. That is the real difference in how I have changed my behavior around clothes and I feel the change has been for the better. Good luck!
Elp Dio S.
I’m lucky. I don’t have a weight problem. I don’t change my wardrobe to accommodate any weight changes. If my clothes start feeling tight, I adjust my diet.
Danica Q.
i don’t see why you would. i would understand getting rid of clothes that are too small in hopes of them fitting one day, but i don’t think getting rid of your clothes would help you succeed in your diet.
Adna E.
The only reason to get rid of clothes is that they are no longer useful to you. If the clothes don’t fit, get rid of them. If they are stained, trash. If they don’t bring you joy, don’t keep them in your life. Otherwise, the diet has little to do with what clothes you decide to keep, wear, or buy.