after cleaning, how do you mantain the clean space you have put so much effort into tidying up?

Alaysia F.
I have several times a day where I clean, but on top of that, I always make sure that every little thing is in its place. This helps prevent a build up of mess!

Tobbe N.
I actually do the sane thing every morning. Clean the floor from sand (we have a dog), tidy up my own stuff (music equipment and notes lying around, laptops, journal, receipts). So it’s not to clean it away for good, just organising, while cleaning up a little.

Sheryl P.
I take an "as I see it" approach. The moment I see new crumbs/clutter/dust/whatever, I clean it then and there. That way it's only a few seconds or minutes at the time, and I get to continue enjoying the benefits of the earlier hard work. That's when I'm being successful anyway, which if course, I'm not always… but comparing how the former feels in comparison, I'd recommend giving it a go.

Leah Q.
In the past I admit that I didn't really maintain a clean space, I'd clean, and within a day or two it was messy again. I've tried to change it up lately, where I focus on fixing one space. I chose my bedroom which I tidy before bed every night, but when I do that I try to organise a couple of things we'll enough that they have a proper place. So that there's less chance of me just laying items around and adding to the mess because I know for sure where they go and they're easy to put back. Hope that makes sense! I hope to get that one space right first and then eventually do that for my whole flat!