How do you keep your house tidy at all times (or at least at the end of the day)? How do you dedicate yourself to make that happen? I dream of a clean and respectable home: I enjoy that so much, but often lack the drive to in fact make it happen. This question is for ‘team I want to get home to/get up in a clean and tidy space’.

Elias C.
I lack the drive as well for that. My suggestion would Be to first figure what is slowing your drive down. Many times we have emotional stuff going on that is holding us back. For me personally it is the fear of failing, I would rather just fail than try and fail. Until then, I make a cleaning to do list. Daily I have a list of things I should be cleaning. Then rather than waiting until your evening is done and your tired, start your evening routine around 4 or when you get home from work. That way you are slowly getting stuff done and not waiting until you’d like to relax.
Rita P.
I put some wind down music on and take 20-30 minutes to just tidy around before having a warm shower and climbing into bed for a relaxing night sleep
Telma Q.
When I started the journey to “get my life together” I started with my bedroom. I live with people so trying to do everything at once can seem daunting. When my clothes were fresh out of the dryer I immediately put them away. Every morning? The second I’m out of bed, I make the bed. I set days where I dust and vacuum. Start small then move to other parts of the house.