Best breakfast for energy?

Nooshin E.
Mixture of oatmeal, bananna,palm,peanuts,chiaseeds,walnut,sesames,almond and honey and some days I eat eggs with vegetables

Derrick F.
For me it is different how I feel. Some mornings I just want to eat something light like yoghurt . Sometimes I wake up hungry and eat what I have at home, like boiled eggs with greens

Enara O.
A peace of seasonal fruit, two bread toasts (with avocado an ham, avocado and salmon or tomato sauce and ham) and milk coffee

Silas Y.
Make sure it has fat, carbs, and protein. My personal favorite is a slice of whole wheat toast (because it tastes better than white wheat) or sourdough, some mashed avocado seasoned with lime, salt, and pepper, topped with an over-medium egg.