Yes how do I break my addiction to my phone?

Danielle C.
I read about this. Make your phone less desirable by giving it monochrome screen coloring. (Greyscale) and then live by the www rule: What for? Why now? What else? Ask yourself these questions whenever you realize you've picked up your phone. What are you using it for? Why do you need to do that now? What else could you be spending your time on? Also, turning your phone off for an amount of time each day can help.

Deborah F.
I am not sure but you could try putting yourself on a timer in the morning for 1 hour or 2 and again in the evening let all messages go to voicemail then pick a time like 3 o'clock to listen to them and call people back

Madeleine U.
Hi there I see what problems you are facing, I can understand how you feel I would recommend to intake in more activities like cleaning or learning a new language or simply art or maybe listening to music or going on a walk . This will be really helpful to you want more then maybe you should meditate

Nikkie E.
Setting app timers has been really helpful for me. At first it was good to just become more mindful of how much time I spent on my phone. Over time, I gradually reduced the timers and now I don't spend more than 5-10 minutes per day on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or Snapchat (those are the only ones I use). While reducing those times, I also tried to increase my mindfulness regarding my personal goals, which involve a good bit of reading and learning; so I tried to make books and reading materials very convenient so that I could often put my phone down and pick up reading instead without much effort. I even downloaded a bunch of books on my phone, so that if it's the only thing I have around when I need some entertainment, I can at least make that time on my phone more valuable by working toward my other goals, rather than playing mindless games or meaninglessly scrolling through social media. I hope this is helpful, good luck!

Yasar N.
Distract yourselves from the phone and concentrate on a thing, in which you are interested( Like singing, playing football etc…). Reduce the reasons for which you usually use the phone. Remember the life is short and the world is very big, there's lot to explore and wonder. Don't waste your time with a tiny machine.

Trevor U.
I just got a new phone and other than some 'essential" apps have resisted the temptation to reinstall those that I recognise suck time and attention. I've also not enabled as many push notifications, meaning my phone nags less

Rigo R.
It’s a really hard thing to do. App timers help a bit, as do turning off all notifications. What really helped me was putting post it notes all over the house… when I look at them, I know to stay on task and off the phone. Also, deleting your biggest time wasters can make a huge difference