Without the right environment and enough time in a day, how do I continue practicing a daily stretching ritual?

Terri S.
I do it in the morning with my morning routine after 7 min of excersise. My environment is my bedroom with a narrow 1 meter width and 2 meters length. And though I would like more space to do some stretching moves I really like, I adapt to what I have and work with that. So I chose moves that doesn't require much space for now. Then a life goal is of course to upgrade and get more space. So as long as I know that in some point in the future, I will have a better environment, then I am OK with what I have for now.
Kathy J.
I guess there’s never enough time in the day. You just Have t have to set up a time and then do it! Not always easy. Busy days run everything together. I think commitment and determination are the names of the game.
Evan S.
You can strech while sitting at the desk or walking. Sometimes a few second of streching is enough to make you feel better and get energy for your other tasks. You have to build in this short time ritual so later you can improve this ability to build in others. Fingers crossed, you can do it 😉
Misty O.
Daily stretching shouldn’t be laborious, but enjoyable. Make it the first thing you do in the morning, for one minute only. Anyone can make time for that
Sibel O.
I’m having trouble with this as well…maybe I need to make sure to stretch first when I wake up and right before sleep.
Marie C.
You can go to the gym or you can do your stretching outside either on the beach or in nature. You can mix it up a little bit.
Valentim Z.
Start with just 1 minute of stretching, and see if you can do that. Add a minute once you’ve successfully done a week of one minute stretches.
Angel S.
This is direct: there is no wrong environment nor too little time, you can stretch anywhere and even just one minute (on the toilet, waiting for something, with your kids) will build a habit. Progress and frequency are better than Perfection.