What’s the most noticeable change you’ve seen in yourself since integrating the practice of meditation into your life?

Luigi Y.
I noticed after taking on meditation on a more semi-regular basis, I've become a lot more present and aware of how my body relates to my external reality. It's made me more appreciative of the moment.

Lois Q.
I am more relaxed in general. It's like all the noise of "I need to do this and that" starts to quiet down and I can approach my day more calmly and with growing awareness to my actual mood

Juliette Q.
I have had some relief from my anxiety. I am able to catch myself now when I am breathing too shallow. Meditation has made me more in touch with my body and its reactions to stress. I also think that it has helped me fall asleep faster by focusing on my breathing and not my racing mind.

Janet G.
I’ve become more positive and when I’m down, I don’t worry as much, I’m more patient with myself. Now I have more energy for the day when I start it meditating.

Rodney T.
Meditating regularly has helped me to become more mindful in my daily life. It’s helped me to become more aware of the physical signals my body sends me to alert me of feelings of stress, so I can then acknowledge those feelings & then let them go, if I’m able, or perform some activity that I know will help me to destress (such as meditating, going on a walk, doing yoga, listening to music, etc)

Joe U.
It might be a boring answer, but as someone who has struggled to keep my habits going, I really enjoy and cherish that I have been able to do it now for an extended period of time. And if course I intend to keep going.

Ted E.
I have found that I am calmer and I sleep better at night. It's important to bring my mind back when it wanders and I do that by focusing on my breathing.

Martin O.
I can concentrate better and for longer periods of time, I am calmer in situations of stress, I've become more mindful of bad habits and as a result can counter them more easily.

William P.
I have a calmer more measured approach to life. Conflict seems less easy to get into and I'm thinking about moving to the countryside.

Charlotte C.
A more positive mindset. And a reminder that there are bigger things in life and temporary problems. A reminder of the divine self.

Joanne O.
My stress level is lower, but I’m not as focused at work as I used to. Although this might be because I’m drinking too much herbal tea (to lower my stress level!). Overall, I’m feeling more calm, but that’s about it.

I started meditation in my yoga classes 6 years ago, real guided meditation. That had a huge impact on my life and my person. I was more mindful of my own body, more focused and more serene in my everyday life. But that’s not what I’m living now. I was in law school back then.

Adding meditation and journaling in my day now is great but it takes more time and with work as a lawyer and school part time (because yes, why not, tax lawyers are in demand), I feel like I’m adding +3 mindfulness/happiness -2 stress/to do/less time to sleep. So, as I said, overall it’s positive, but I’m trying to find a way to manage my journey so I can make more of it.

S Lvio Q.
As you meditate you get what type of thoughts you get and the ability to not get drowned in those thoughts. Makes me calm as well and it is my self care routine

Liam X.
I am able to distinguish my thoughts better now. I can step back and witness my thinking without running on autopilot. I am more mindful of what I do and therefore I feel happier as it gives me more control of who I am, of how I act. I feel like I have a choice in any situation whereas before I felt like I did not as my mind was controlling me not me controlling it.

Marek J.
I have been consistently meditating for about two weeks and it is a nightly routine due to my work schedule. I definitely experience more calmness and clarity now.

Hanna E.
I seeem to be able to handle my emotions easier, I think before reacting, I breathe and notice my breath more and. I live in the now more and am able to stop my negative talk more sessile and make it positive more

Oliver Y.
I’m starting to get connected to my sense of joy… glimpses of it give me hope that my happiness is here inside me and not out there.

Candela W.
I’m more calm. I can always return back to netruality. My mind is more organized and clean. I can control my thinking better.