What’s the most challenging part when it comes to accomplishing your to do list?

Ma Lia Z.
The most challenging part for me in accomplishing a task is to start. It seems always hard to start anything. It feels not good at first but eventually feels better after some time.
Alma X.
The hardest part is not being realistic with the amount of goals to complete in a day. Sometimes you write down a lot of things you want to accomplish in a day, but you soon realize than probably you will not complete them by the end of the day. The secret is to know yourself and be realistic with you goals
Hans Rudolf O.
I think i just get distracted. I have all these ideas of what I want to accomplish and do and I forget and start one then I forget the other one
Andreas C.
The most challenging part for me was coming to terms with the fact that I will never get my list completely done.

I saw an interview with some high-performing CEOs and athletes and they all seems to say that achieving personal balance required him to stop when they needed to stop regardless of whether they were done with their list.

One person said that if they ever finished their list they knew that they were not Aiming High Enough.

So the challenge for me is to work as hard as I can to do as much as I can but then accept that that is enough.