Which to-do app you prefer?

Johan P.
I use my Fabulous app and AnyList to get to do lists, shopping lists, packing list, or lol any list to get my to do’s done. My google assistant remembers my appointments and upcoming events.
Tim Teo F.
I use a pen and paper supported by either Google calendar (home) and Outlook (work). I'm currently trying 4 lists on an 8 1/2 x 11, (work, family, side hustle/hobbies, and self-care) to make sure I make progress in all four areas. Must do's get scheduled on the calendars.
Osmano F.
I personally prefer writing my to-dos on paper but in case papers & pens will be banned (nooo!) I’ll use To-doist as my to-do app. It’s fairly easy to use & the UI is lovely too.
Christy Z.
I don’t use one app. I use a notebook with daily To Dos, moving them to the next day as needed. I then put time in my Gmail Calendar to complete projects and other initiatives