What rule of thumb can be used to ensure that a task is not too big?E.g. It can be completed in under 30 minutes.

Lia E.
Ensure that your task is a SMART task Setting yourself tasks in this format makes them easier to achieve

Ariane G.
Time has different effects on each one of us, my suggestion is starting with an average time of 20 minutes and than you can change it according to your needs, and it’s never settled you can always make a change.

Linda O.
I guess you can look at it at different perspectives. I like to incorporate things in my routine into my busy days. It definitely gets creative. Sometimes if I’m stressed for time but need to get a workout in, I play with my kids.
It has its perks, I can stand in line in the bank and do squat reps. Everyone assumes I’m playing a game with my daughter, makes it a win win… win. Positive feedback on my parenting, squat work out and played with my kid. I see lots of smiles and giggles from my wild child.
Always rule… to do list.

Donna O.
Rather than measuring it with the time it takes to complete, I prefer asking myself whether it can be divided further into sub-tasks. If it can't be split then I leave it as is it no matter how long it will take, but if I can split it then I add those sub-tasks to my todo list and use them as checkpoints for the bigger tasks. Hope this helps!

Ansgar U.
Break down your bigger tasks into smaller ones that’s take less time to complete. It ensures you to complete it and you will be more successful in getting more done!

Marionice E.
What does this mean? Certain tasks take more time than others. It takes longer to write a novel say than to do the dishes. If you only have 30 mins to spend on a task, then try to complete one part of it. To use the novel example, you could make it your goal to write your outline in that 30 mins, or some other small part of the whole, eg: break it into parts.

There isn't a rule of thumb to reducing any task to a certain period of time, but you can use the 80/20 guide to use that time wisely. It means that 20% of your work will produce 80% of your results, so ask yourself what task that is, and spend your time doing that.