I feel I repeat my to do list daily the same type of jobs is this ok?

Caroline G.
It's okay, but you should be able to visualize every to do on your list while writing it down. If they seem to big and you repeat them because you still have to do exactly the same things, you may try to break those to dos down to smaller, more actionable steps.
Linda F.
It does seem repetitive and uses up X amount of time for the day that maybe needs to be spent elsewhere. So I put only things that are routinely done on a daily basis in my morning routine to make time for an afternoon and evening routine. When my morning routine got too long, I had to remove some items that didn’t have to be done every single morning.
Signe P.
Maybe you should ask yourself if you’re achieving anything buy doing the same thing everyday. Are you doing what you REALLY want to do in your life, presently? Sounds like you may want to make changes, but don’t want to face yourself in the mirror, or you’re not breaking down that invisible wall that’s stopping you…