Do you make your To Do lists in order of importance, what will be the easiest to accomplish, or how else?

Derrick U.
My To-Fo list is quite organic – I sit in the morning and write the jobs down for the day. I might prioritise them or I might just work through the list…
Selma N.
I write my to do list first as a brainstorming. I don't think about importance or anything else, just what i need to do. Then once i know what i need to do, i start to think about importance and start assigning time such that the most important has the morning time. I continue to assign time to the task list until the duration for my work time finish. The rest if still important i assign one time slot for home. The rest has to go for tomorrow list.
Rasmus U.
I set out a daily timetable. I suppose I do need to start looking at my own term plan the same as I would give my students. What are we going to achieve in the next 12 months, the next three months, and then do my daily plan.
Mae S.
Hi there! What I normally do is write down everything outstanding in no particular order. Just as it comes to mind. Then I use the A/B/C method to prioritize by asking myself how it stands in helping me meet my one big long term goal. I also take time into consideration. If I have an item on the list that’s an overall lower priority but is due today or soon, I raise the priority and set a time to have it done by.
James P.
When I write my to do I don’t specifically in any order. I just write as they come to my mind. Then when I deal with them I make a mental prioritise and start with that. I draw a little square at the beginning of each task sentence and once I finish that task I put a check mark in it. It makes me happy to see how much I accomplished 🙂
Gary O.
I like to keep a running list, adding things in the order they come up. I then schedule my tasks across my week and check them off as I go. I recommend GTD by David Allen – this book REALLY helped streamline my productivity and organization.
Evelyne F.
Starting out with no, I write my to do list as things pop up into my head as I go about writing it. Too many random things pop into my head on different days as I am writing them to do it in order of importance. The fact that it is on the list at all makes it important in its own way!
Dan S.
The most important so I won’t forget it. After writing it on Fabulous I transfer it to my Journal and writing it down again helps me focus so I keep it in front of me and start prepping for the activity.
Alwine U.
If I have “must do” tasks that I’m worried about I try to list them first. Otherwise, easy things go first to build momentum.
Megan F.
I work chronologically.

As a visual person I find it works well for me if I work in pencil or on a whiteboard.

That way I can reorganize, add, or remove items more easily.

Margie Z.
It’s really about what’s more important to our org. The sooner I get a customer up and running the sooner we can provide the services to help them and the sooner we get paid.
Antonin U.
I’m at my best in the mornings so I tend to start with one easy task to get me going, then do my most important task and so on down the order of priority. Sometimes I do change it up a little and put certain tasks in the morning and others in the afternoon if I think that will be more effective for me that day – sometimes the most important task isn’t the most complex, so it would be a waste to use the morning on it. For me, having flexibility is key- if I put too many rules around things, I find I’m less effective and more stressed – breaking the rules feels like I’m failing somehow.
Apolline Z.
I just make sure to be realistic. Like to think I can move a mountain in a day….
When I started on Fabulous I had way too high of expectations for myself and failed at a lot. Even caused me more stress then I had before I started using the app. Was actually more productive before too. Then I slowed things down, way down. Life happens and yes structure is important, but so is being able to be flexible. My morning routine is now something I’m positive can always be done. Have no afternoon routine because I’m not at a place in my life were I can commit to that. My event routine I’m still trying to perfect and will get there even if it’s slow.
Now I’m doing better with the app and its helping me stay on track.
So with all that said…I start my list with the thing I least like or want to do and go from there. Most of all I make the list doable.
Eddie E.
When I make my To Do list I write down everything that comes to mind minus tasks that I know I must do regardless of whether I list them or not i.e. comb hair, take child to school, then I use the prioritizing system with A being most important after the list is made to determine importance of task.
Timothy G.
I found that making my to do list with the hardest or tasks that I didn’t want to do first was more helpful, I got the big stuff out of the way so I felt really accomplished and then the small tasks didn’t really feel like I tasks and then I wanted to tackle even more
Giuliana P.
I make my to do list in no particular order. I do have a 4 item priority list but, again, in no order. The to do list is also a brain dump.
Mathias P.
I write them down as they come to me…worrying less about order and more about getting thwm all down. Then i accomplish what i can when the opportunity to do so presents itself
Gavin E.
I jot down everything that has been brewing in my mind all morning. I save my To Do list for the end of my morning routine so I have time to consciously and subconsciously reflect on my goals and plans. Then I relook at the unfinished items from yesterday and determine if they are still necessary and if so add them to the list.

Then I prioritize in two layers….first is Alphabetically. A’s are the most important and must be completed today. Secondly, within the A’s, I prioritize by urgency or timing. Sometimes all of A corresponds to one big goal of the day that has several important steps. Sometimes they are not related at all but need to be completed and one item might have a deadline. I live on the West Coast now but a lot of my contacts are on the East Coast so I need to be aware of the time difference when looking at my list and schedule.

The B’s are tasks that would be great to happen today but are not as urgent. They could happen tomorrow. But numerically, B1 is ranked more importantly because maybe there’s a follow up step later in the week. Where as B2 is somewhat important, should happen at some point this week. These items if not completed that day will eventually become A’s as we get closer to deadlines and reevaluate goals and timelines.

The C’s are just things that need to get done, chores, filing, laundry, cleaning…etc. They are not vital to my goals but necessary if I’m going to continue living as a functioning adult.

Benjamin W.
I try to do.them in order of importance. It is interesting to note the difference between that and what.I feel emotionally strong about.
Julie Y.
I make lists with a stream of consciousness. The notes app on the phone works pretty well for me because I can leave it open in the background while doing other things. I can add to the list and remind myself of the next task that needs to get done…. all in a heartbeat of time
Lynn O.
I usually make my to-do lists in priority order. I’m not sure if this is the best way as I haven’t mastered this skill yet but it seems to work well when I stick to it.