How do you get over procrastinating things you don’t want to do?

Judy U.
I have ADHD and this is a suggested technique for ADHD-ers to get past tasks which we really have no interest inand therefore we really struggle with maintaining our focus on the task and not getting distracted, but it works for neurotypicals as well…Get a timer [I use a visual egg timer that counts down and doesnt tick but had an alarm at the end of the time; you could probably just use the timer on your phone though] and set the timer for either: 5, 10, or 15 minute intervals…the idea of sittingdown for hours to do your taxes or clean your room can seem so daunting, but when you tell yourself all you have to do is get through asmall "blip" of time like 10 minutes doing such, no longer seems so daunting anymore. Sometimes I'll be very in the zone and will be able to go even longer once I've gotten started. This technique is called "chunking" and I hope it works for you!!
Yvonne U.
Tbh it’s always so hard. I just motivate myself, kinda meditate before the work then I push myself. I put awards for myself so it won’t get that hard.