Does anyone write their ‘to do list’ at night instead of in the morning? I was reading that this is a great way to prepare for the next day.

Sophia O.
Yes. I do it every evening when all the planning is still in my head. Then I can go to sleep more easily knowing that I don’t have to remember anything in the morning, just take a look at my list and I’m ready to go. And I really don’t have much time in the mornings so I prefer to do it before going to sleep. It also allows me to reflect on the day and what I did.
Alice O.
Usually I’ll do every time I need: in the afternoon at work, or in the morning for my weekend, but I think that it depends on every one needs
Avantika F.
Yes , I do … the reason behind this is , when you wake up the next day ,you’re brain already knows , what to do that particular day and is ready to perform that way … making ,to -do list at night .. helps you to be more productive the next day ❤️
J N.
I’ve written it the night before when I was in school so I didn’t waste time in the morning. But now I write it in the morning because there isn’t that much stuff to do and I can be lazy about it. 😛