Do you find that sometimes the system you use to organize begins to fade into the background and you forget to utilize it after a while?

Julie C.
Yeah. Sometimes it's difficult to get back on track. Especially if you're sick or something unexpected happens. But it's important to remember that we can't plan everything no matter how hard we try.
Carla N.
Most definitely! Cureently i'm trying to write an essay and it is such a mess and all my good habits that ive been working on building have been decimated
Kiara F.
Yes, sometimes. Especially when I have received big news or if I tend to be ill or when my environment has changed. But I find that I am able to return to my system after a while given that it’s properly engrained, especially if it involves daily rituals.
Clara P.
I didn't use to have an organization system so far. I tried in certain period but it didn't last so much especially in those periods I was a bit depressed
Michelle E.
It has happened in the past when the system I used was not the best suited to me at that time. For instance I used to be absolutely unable to effectively use to do lists. Nowadays I have a really effective system in place that leverage to do lists and it is strongly established in my daily routine. I think it’s about really finding how you can make the system work for you, until you do that it won’t stick.
Felix J.
Definitely. That's what is going on with me and my bullet journal. Although, I often journal because writing things down really helps me, I often overwhelm myself.
Gotthilf J.
Yes, I have to form the habit little by little to make the methods stick. Every so often I mentally evaluate what worked and what I can do better next time.
Mocinha P.
I think complacency is the biggest problem for me. When I’m feeling like everything is running smoothly I begin to forget WHY it’s going so well and I start to break my own rules (habits). It’s frustrating to have to learn that lesson the hard way – over and over!!