Do you estimate a time limit/goal when you make your to do list? Would this be helpful or harmful to completing these tasks?

Jacqueline E.
I do calendar blocking – so I make a list and then put a block when in my day I'm going to do each task. For me it helps get a better sense of how long things are taking
Ilja T.
I personally don't schedule My to do list, or put a time limit on anything. I have learnt that feeling guilty about not having completed the task(before the time limit) doesn't help me in Any way:)
Jana O.
At first I didn't use a time limit and I would take time to think about what I will put in it but when I had Fabulous, it allowed me to make a time limit for my to do lists and sometimes it is helpful , so you don't waste any time in the day but sometimes you might forget to add something in your to do list . I would say time limits for to do Lists is not something good or bad but really it is your choice to add a time limit . By the way , Fabulous is an amazing app that helps you build up habits and I reccomend it for anyone who is struggling to maintain habits . Thank you for asking my advice and bye.
Greg T.
I actually don't estimate a time limit. I just focus to complete all the tasks in a day. But now if i see it, this will actually help me in making a time table for a day which will help me in completing all the taska effectively and efficiently. Though i dont know how to write goals daily with to-do list but I'm certain that mentioning time will surely help in completing all tasks on time
Ram Nas A.
Time limit may cause more stress if you can not finish them on time. I am using it just to predict approximate time of whole routine.