When is the best timing in the morning to write me to do list? Shall I write down on my to do list of things that I have done on the Fabulous app or I wanna do it on the Fabulous app? Is there any technique that I can follow to write my to do list first thing in the morning or something that I can do so I don’t delay it?

Anna F.
Hi! When I write my to do list I write it after I've gotten up and washed my face, had water, coffee and breakfast. But I also include those things and cross them off immediately. I get easily discouraged that I haven't done enough or don't believe that those little things are important, so writing them down and checking them off even though I've already done that helps. It helps me to value those tasks and to feel more confident in my progress (I often get very frustrated with myself over not doing enough. But when you add up all of the little things it's a lot!)