Yeah what do you think would be my best option to writing a to do list easiest to hardest longest to shortest how do you do yours and how does it help you

Mina C.
I write everything that I think i Should do and then categorize them with A,B,C (A being the most important). I make sure I do my A's. That way l, even if I haven't done everything, I don't feel disappointed or discouraged because I have done the most urgent/important.
Barbie N.
I have about three to-do lists: my broad goals – tasks I want to complete soon; my calendar – events and meet ups; and my daily to-do list where I put what needs to be done today and tick the boxes accordingly. I try to be organised laying it out otherwise it will not draw my attention easily.
Alexandra N.
I'll try to sort my to do list by how urgent differen tasks are, especially my to do list at work. I've also started to use the Tasks app to write my lists so that I can rearrange them as I go and include subtasks when needed.
Jennifer P.
I always make my list in the order I plan to do them so chronologically. For example feeding the animals breakfast always comes before I eat breakfast but after I wash my face and do my morning mediation
Victoria U.
I write everything even things I already do. Helps me gain confidence. If I have to be done by a certain time I’ll number them by importance. That way can just write what I know I have to do and not worry about the order in which I write.
Rafael E.
I just think of what I have to do and I put the MOST important at the top and the LEAST important at the bottom of my list.
Zeferino Q.
I do my list to time to time it s helps me about disiplin. And I think that what I m going to do tomorrow when ı sleep It s make it easier for me
Sandra Q.
Only three tasks on the to do lost. A as the most important and C as the least important. All the tasks should be done in the same order
Lucy N.
A daily to do list has really helped me re-focus and realise that successful people are not successful by accident. That I can change and be More productive by adding small changes every day.

I write them in random order, I find that I do naturally start picking the heavier/ difficult tasks first. For me it works better to have easy/medium/ difficult tasks in no particular order that I can choose to do in any order. It gives me freedom of my day, as I don’t know which order I’ll be doing things but I am aware of what I need to achieve in a day.

Lesi N.
With my to do list I put them in this order :

1. Important and urgent
2. Important but not urgent
3. Urgent but not important
4. Busy misc. work
5. Waste of time (for today)

In that order and see what you can accomplish and what not done add it to your todo list for another day. Not necessarily the next day but another day where you can focus on it

Vishal W.
I generally put only 3 things that are important to be done today other are just complimentary. Objective is to do those task without fail.
Gabriella A.
I'd say easiest to hardest because often times they are quicker. This will give you more time to work on the things that will take longer or are harder! It's hard to do sometimes because you might feel like you just want to get the hard stuff out of the way, but trust me it's better in the long run and your work will show!