How do you create your to-do list?

Tibor F.
I take a notebook that I specially designate as my to do list/schedule notebook. I then make a list per day. I prefer to write the date and then write down what I have to do, placing a checkbox next to each so that I can check it off as I go.

Klaus J Rgen U.
I list the things that must be done during the day, then the things I want to get done, adding in my hobbies if I will have time that day. 3 o’clock is my time to pause, rest, meditate, read, or watercolor.

Angelika J.
I have a master list in my bullet journal where I write down all the things I need to do as they come to me. I also have an Outlook calendar where I schedule all my work and personal appointments, deadlines, or reoccurring tasks. In addition, I have a list of financial obligations and bills in my bullet journal. I look at all three of these sources to make my daily to-do list.

Rosa W.
I have a small notebook and write everything I can think of that I need to do down. I separate into two categories work/home. I highlight each task instead of crossing out. Anything that I’m not able to do I carry over to the next day. If a task has subcategories such as grocery shopping, I use a small post it note to write down what I need to buy.