Do you have several To Do lists for different occasions?

Simon Y.
Yes indeed I do my vacations and sick days and and my own holidays I celebrate like bohda holidays besides being proud to be American born in this country and have the to fight for my right to party and choose or not chose rather going to program.
Sander Z.
Not really … I have one combined to do list of all the different tasks from different areas of my life. However sometimes I’ll need a mores detailed to do list (e.g. for a work task) and then I’ll do that detail separately. Also I’m working from home largely. This may change if I go to the office daily.
Bertram E.
I used to have several ToDo Lists- one for work, one for home, one for urgent things at work and one for urgent things at home, one for making sure bills were paid, one to make sure I took care my own personal grooming, etc.

I “graduated” to just having 2 lists, but occasionally I still have 3 to 4 lists. Now I have a ToDo List and a Top 3 items ToDo List. But I need to consolidate to one list. I have a third list which includes groceries I need to purchase.

Unfortunately I still have my To Do List in electronic form because when I tried to write my ToDo List, I found some things that I successfully completed were actually daily or weekly tasks and I kept rewriting my list. It is easier to write them electronically.

However, I do find if I only keep the list electronically, then I tend to copy and paste which defeats the purpose. Perhaps I will try to keep an electronic list that wil coincide with my calendar as well as my groceries, shopping list, etc and then I will keep a Top 3 Items Priority List Hans written in my small hand held journal which I keep with me at most times now.

This is still a work in progress !