What sort of things do you put on your list?

Heinz Dieter W.
The things I put on my to do list are specific work tasks on work days. On the weekend it’s household or family things like bike ride or clean car.
Angela E.
I created categories that I’m working on and then decided on the next several things I wanted to accomplish. I’m at home recovering from surgeries and I my main focus is to build up health and catch up at home to prepare for a second surgery that I hope to be ready for by the end of the year.

I committed to my new habits and routines and walking , and I did the planning and initial meal prep for batch freezer meals. I also planned to sort/do laundry but didn’t get that done yesterday- and cleaning out my car, and beginning to scrape paint around columns around my front door. I tested out a heat gun- realized I needed gloves, safety glasses and called my dad and he said he had extra and brought them over. So I have what I need to do it now. I also came up with tasks to do when I’m too exhausted- like read and watch a presentation online. I did not accomplish as much as I wanted yesterday- but I did do all my routines- morning pages, PT exercises and walk. I think making the list was an accomplishment because I was overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do first. I also listed tasks for this next week. And I did put alarms in my phone for a couple appointments and anything time sensitive.