What things do you add to your to do list?

Jeremiah T.
I write my list the night before. Just a few items, don’t write down more than 5 or you will just get overwhelmed by how much you need to do.
I first think of the number one thing I would like to get done that even if I didn’t get to the rest of the list that I would still feel good that this was complete.
Sometimes that’s simply an hour walk pulling my daughter in her wagon. I feel great for getting exercise, and we get to spend time together chatting about things around us.
Secondary items would be folding laundry and dishes. Sometimes organizing that front shoe and coat closet that’s got out of hand. The day before I plan to grocery shop I will put clean out fridge on my to do list.
Eve X.
Sometimes with a legal pad I create quadrants of to dos. Home, work, volunteer, wishlists. Sometimes I include large home projects. My general rule is that if I can't do it in 2 minutes right away, it goes on the list.
Rita Y.
I add everything that I do during a day. I write down all the things that has to be done everyday first, like hosehold gjøres etc…, then I add what I want to do like reading, training etc… and last I add the routines I am working on.