Where do you write longer-term to-dos?

Mabel O.
Get another notebook. It doesn’t hurt to have more than one. Or use the back of whatever one you have now?
I personally have one for my weekly to-do’s and another one for my long term goals.
You do whatever works for you.
And if it works, it’s not wrong!
Fiona G.
I don’t regularly keep a long term to-do list. I prefer breaking things up into small steps and planning/ scheduling the tasks on a regular basis. I find that a long term goal list can change based on the season that I’m in and I tend to be overly critical with myself when I don’t get a todo list accomplished. Perhaps having a standard list would be beneficial, reviewing goals and aspirations… when the goals change I can reflect on why. When I don’t commit to something I once considered extremely important it would be nice to (try to) understand what changed, or conversely, if I accomplish something that was a long term goal I could then celebrate.
Lina Z.
I use a bullet journal that has monthly outlooks on it. I also make a top three list on my birthday every year (in the notes in my phone) that I want to accomplish. It’s like a New Year’s Resolution for me.
Lawrence W.
I keep my short term things written on a paper, choose the toon 3 each day and line through the rest as I have time during the day. When the page is full I copy the incomplete tasks only over.
Things I want to do, but not this week I write on a white board and pick one to add to the paper list a week.