How do you create a timeline for work projects?

Jessica U.
1. Analyze the goal.
2. Establish the stakeholders with it.
3. Make meetings to retrieve the stakeholders needs in form of user stories.
4. Decompose the stories in small activities with the team assigned.
5. Organize in order and priority those activities.
6. Charge project’s information in a tool like Asana or Trello.
7. Name responsible and due times.
8. Update daily the information.
Leslie O.
First determine or set your goal date, then create a “project plan” with everything that needs to be done. Then distribute those things across the days until it is due. I use a weekly planner to do my project timelines for work 🙂
Laur Nio W.
I do that planning on Google keep and trello and prepare all the work in parts and ahare it with my couligue for their task to be done on time with deadlines