How do you handle scheduled meetings, particularly when they’re less important than your tasks for the day?

Renee P.
Depends on how much control you have over when they happen! I sometimes have scheduled things at 6am with training clients, so I’ll just push some of my morning tasks to after that. Control what you can, adjust around what you can’t.
Maureen F.
When we have a scheduled meeting, I like to make sure that I know about it in advance and get the most important things I need to do done before the meeting. This way, I am not having to stay later after work to finish the necessary things and I just pick up with the rest the next day or when I am free. I know I can’t do everything at once.
Felix Y.
Honestly, this is a constant struggle daily for me and it leaves me working later in the evenings and heading in to the office earlier than I would like.
Jessie J.
I don’t feel like that meeting is as important as my other tasks so I tend to not take it as seriously. I take it as something that I HAVE to do rather than something I GET to do.