When you write your to do list you only make a list or you classify the things to do by priority? When you make your to do list? In the morning, in the evening or at the end of the week for the following week?

Ann Kathrin C.
I tend to have a big confusion in mind, so for me is important to write things down….and I do as they come … I am not good at prioritize… and every time that I try I get entangled in it so I end up not doing it. I tend to be tired at night so I am trying to write in the morning…. Iit would be great to have a weekly overview , but this is out of my reach…

Mike U.
I typically make my to do list the night before so then I know what the plan is for the next day. And I try to lay it out by which one needs to be done first and then by how long it will take me

Juanita U.
I carry a 8×10 calander book. A notebook in my purse to jot down ideas on the go. Mines an eclectic collection of notes. Recipes, famous quotes. Inspirational ideas. I typically focus on 3 things I need to accomplish. (You wouldn't believe how much I do every day!) Its a good life.

Amy J.
I have a longer term one with my medium and long term goals, I do this in the form of an email list I pinned to the top of my inbox, once every couple of weeks I review and update the list. I also write one in the mornings as part of my fabulous ritual, then as part of afternoon one I refine to three most important tasks and if not already done I focus on these from my morning to do list. However I’m considering shifting this ritual to the evening before as some mornings are rushed and I find myself mentally writing the list while I should be meditating. Hope that helps

Philip E.
I do prioritize but sometimes I do “quick wins”. I do frequently get side tracked even doing the “quick wins” I’m working on doing the high value/high priority tasks first.

I wrote personal goals/tasks in the evening

I write work tasks/projects during the day

Sigrid O.
Hi! I keep 2 separate to-do lists: one personal (chores at home, personal development and plans etc), second for work (tasks i need to complete at work by day/time). First i just write what needs to be done, what i wish to complete, then put priorities and, of course, i dont finish those all at desired time, but at least partially i have things done! And step-by-step I will do the rest

Silas A.
I write a to do list every morning. If items repeat or aren’t complete from previous days, writing them again forces me to reconcile with them. The evening before isn’t a great time to have to think about all the items for the next day – this is a better morning activity. I classify items A-B-C by priority, although I’m finding myself not bothering to write C’s anymore. It’s too much effort and I never do them. And I draw a box around the top three items and attempt to always get those done.

Marion J.
I make a list in the early morning with my three “ Big Rocks” or important items seven days a week. I use the Awesome Note App for this keeping it handy on my phone.
At work I have a running Word document with text boxes of different priorities: First Thing (Breathe and a Word for the Day), Big Rocks, Continuing, Coming Attractions and Before Leaving and Personal. I look at it and adjust during the day. It is a template so I keep each day or week saved in a folder called “Dailies”. I work in more than one location so I have one for each.
It took a while to create because it wanted it to be inviting and easy. It is colorful and has a few silly images to remind me to take a pause, eat lunch and drink water during the day.

Amorim Z.
I have a few lists, I have a longer term todo list in my email in box (I pin it to the top and rewrite it at least once a week. I write a today list as part of my morning rituals and then refine this to the three most important tasks in the afternoon task and finally as part of the night task I reflect on what I did and didn’t get done and why that might be. Having said that, everyone is different and I would suggest that experimenting to find your own system works best, try it for a couple of weeks and then if it dosent serve change it for a different one. Hope that helps x

Ceril Nia F.
Each morning I write all that I believe I need to do and when I have all, then I priority just three things and immediately I do it