Do you check and adjust your to do list throughout the day? How do you remember?

Sandra E.
I’m actually still at the point where I stress and try and think of things I forgot to add to my to do list at different points of the day. On a good day I check off tasks pretty quickly but sometimes won’t get to the end of the list. I’m sorry that probably is not the MOST helpful but it is honest.
I would say just keeping the list with you is a good start and completing them in an order that makes one task flow into the next. That will make it easier to check off each item.

I like a good mint tea in the morning. It’s good for sinuses and for energy in general and just feels good to the body.

Uamdao A.
Yes, particularly now that I work from home most of the time. There are a lot of distractions at home and things to juggle and balance. I've learned to break down each work into even smaller tasks to get them done easily and quickly without feeling overwhelmed. This way, there aren't too many outstanding tasks left at the end of the day.