Do you use this to help with ADHD?

Samaritano O.
In a way maybe, but ADHD was something I learned to live with. Think of it as a superpower and you just have to try to relax and focus on a task for a bit from time to time. Your focus zone will increase.
Rahel F.
Yes! My ADHD keeps me changing from task to task without really achieving to finish something. Fabulous has make it a lot easier for me to keep the track of my daily tasks. It also help me to be mindful about my self-care and I to create new routines that includes good self-care habits. I highly recommend this app!
Ella N.
I do not have ADHD but I can see this app being for beneficial for someone who does have it. I like this app because it does keep me organized, reminded and most importantly it pushes me to do tasks I don’t always feel like doing. If you have ADHD I think this app would really help to get you on a routine.
Anne Z.
Of course! I also take medication, am very physically active, and organized. This is a great way to start good healthy habits! Best of luck!
Jaqueline S.
No, I use this for try to improve by health and my body shape as well my self esteem and my mind. The reason that I start to use this app was that I was feeling down and unfocused.