How do you write to-do lists every day and do those things?

Carol P.
I write down EVERYTHING that I want to get done. Knowing there isn’t enough hours in the day to do it all, I go back through it, prioritizing the top 10. I always include my bible study and gym on there because that’s time of growth and health for me. So those go at the top of my list and priority. I also always include one chore around the house. Then the rest fall into line. If I know some of my items are going to take me a long time, my todo list may only have 8 items one day but 15 the next. Always include your most important habits into your todo list to plan your time for the day accordingly.

Ainhoa A.
I write my to-do list each morning on my phone and in my notebook. I write down absolutely everything that needs doing. Then I decide which ones absolutely must be done today, and do those first. Then if I have time or can be bothered doing any of the others, I will. I don't beat myself up if I dont manage to do them though. The next morning I will include the ones I missed on my new to-do list.

Brandon S.
I have several to-do lists.I don't do everything on them. A to-do list is suppose to help you, if it's a cause of stress, first to-do should be to get rid of this to-do list.
Stress isn't a good thing if it's making you feel bad.
Try whittling down your to-do s' into goals/tasks. Little goals, little tasks and remember the tasks are for better life.

Kelya U.
The key not actually doing the things on the list is to make sure it is short enough. I tend to make an aspirational to do list and then a must-do list and only hold myself to the latter

Dave O.
I write my ToDos, A/B/C all tasks and then, at least 6 times a week, use the list as a guide for my day. Some days there is just too much on there, or there are too many interruptions, too many other things I feel I can’t say « no » to, and I don’t manage to handle everything. On good days, when I am well rested, I try to go through my To Do mechanically, just focusing on and doing one item at a time, and barring it when it’s done. Those are the best days, and give a real sense of accomplishment. We’re all learning. Good luck on your journey.

Est Ban T.
I have a notebook for this reason. So every morning (or before sleep on the previous day) I write my to-do list and label hardest tasks with A, B, C letter.

Eli Z.
With regards to writing: I don’t make mine too long. As for completing: I try to, but for tasks I did not rank as most important life can come in the way. Although it is difficult, I try to accept this: I do want to have the time to call my family, or spend a bit of extra fun time with my loved ones.

My to do list is my guiding path through my day, not a jail.