I’m interested to know how many todo lists others have

Charlotte J.
I typically will have two. One with all my school work and one for chores/etc. I feel like having more than that becomes a bit hard to manage in my opinion.
Wubs Z.
I have one To Do List that helps me focus on what is most important, then what I should do, finally, what would be nice to do – in a given day. I do take notes about one thing or another in different places, but just to get them out of my head and on to paper. Then I gather those papers and write them in order of importance on my 1 To Do List for the day.
Madison F.
I have a household one a school one and an errand one. I usually will also sort those not only by priority but by how much energy they take.
Anton Z.
Too many. I have to do lists for each of my two jobs, I have one for my studying, one for home, and a personal. The lists are link to my phone and emails, but I also carry an agenda. I fund very rewarding crossing out the items that I have accomplish, but also if i dont have them i tend to sidetrack a lot.
Shannon Z.
I do my to-do lists in the afternoon. Basically, I add groceries I may need (if I used the last of the milk that morning, etc.) Then, I think if there is anything I need to DO that evening (laundry, pick up prescription, etc.) I do this every day in the afternoon to stay on top of what I need to get done that day / the next day.
Almerindo S.
I used to use planners and miniature notebooks for daily to do lists. But very often I found myself pushing it aside from time to time and eventually ignoring it and doing nothing productive.

NOW, I use Google docs as a hub for my to do lists. I created a business/hobby list and home/habits list. Large lists, like a year's worth type of lists. I combined then to create a timeline "pool" where I designate a time to complete to each task and other then by priority. I have half of my year planned (for being productive in my free time).

I created a daily list. This is where I put household chores and appointments to remember. But it evolved when I made my timeline. If I made chores and simple tasks routine and second nature, I would be able to focus on lifelong progress.

That's what I did, and each day I pull from that timeline. Seeing how far ahead I can get. I let a lot of things I wanted to do just build up and collect dust… But thanks to my new process, I can see the finish line. Once I cross that, there won't be any more "to do lists" hanging over my head.

All that and I could just say I currently have 5 to dos created. Every day is a day to do!

Chuckiee N.
I try to keep one very simple one. In my mind I kinda think, what is the bare minimum that I could do today so that I feel productive. Not because I’m lazy. I do it because if I don’t I can easily overwhelm myself with tons of lists and ideas that I won’t be able to do in a day. Then I’ll feel like I failed because I didn’t get through everything on my list. So I keep it down to a maximum of 4 things that I just have to do.
Aliona P.
I did the challenge the first time before and kept a little A6 notebook and only had one. My work todo list was pretty manageable, so I did not need a separate list there. Then I stopped using Fabulous app, decided at some point that i want a bullet journal – my to-dos immediately went all over the place. I meant it was good to plan stuff, and to dump all to do items in there at once, but it wasn't working for me anymore. I then got a super tiny notebook just for my daily personal to dos. But that turned out to be so small that I would only put top priority things on it, which I would've remembered to do anyway. So ultimately, it was useless.
I am much busier at work now, but I only get time on weekends to properly sit down and figure out what's next and what do I need to do, so i jot a to do list specifically for work that I tend to grow and complete throughout the week. My work system works pretty well for me, but my work system – not so much. I think I have too many projects going on and I'm trying still to find the perfect notebook..
Frappuccino N.
I am slightly interesting but I’m ok to not know but it would be nice to have a look as I really need to organise my life
Meredith Y.
I typically keep two: a list of long-term tasks and goals and then a daily list as well. When I'm in school I also keep a list of assistants as well.
Jonathan B.
I have a to do list that I write in the evening for my personal / home life. I also have a to do list at work, this is added too and worked on throughout the day in priority order with whatever isn’t achieved being rolled over to the next working day.
Ramon P.
I have one list where I write down everything I can think of, whether it be big or small. I prioritize getting things done first that only take a couple of minutes. Getting what you need to get done out of your mind and written down takes stress off of you.
Mylan W.
I’d like to know how others organise their to do lists? I often have work to dos, exercise, general to dos and it all looks overwhelming.