How strict are you with your daily to-do list?

Karla W.
I was pretty strict to begin with, but lately o keep some activities there as a reminder – I don't strictly need to do them all days.
Madison U.
Not terribly. I often carry tasks over from day to day. But everything eventually gets done for deadlines, even self-imposed ones…or if they don't, it means I never really intended to do it in the first place, and need to think about removing it entirely.
Karla B.
Having a too do list is extremely Important to me because I am a perfectionist and I feel like having a too do list makes my routines and plans go perfectly in order and on task. Without having a too do list everything’s would be piled on top of each other and clumpy and unorganized. One of my talents is being very organized. So my room and schedules are clean and perfecto(perfect).having a too do list is very organized and a perfect way to clean up everything!
Eliott U.
Not very. I do try to get all my As done. But I am still trying to find a way of making my list a) realistic b) flexible enough to account for unexpected additions.

Good luck on your journey.

Emil F.
Not that strict… as long as I do a few things on it I don’t mind passing it over to the next day. I do find that if you put small chores on your to do list such as fold the washing or take dogs for a walk, then you can tick those off quite easily which makes you feel good about yourself!
Sally O.
I am not as strict with it anymore. As a working mom of three, I have realized so many things can happen to change my list. I am however, strict with priorities and being intention. I used to make a to do list of 19,909 things and now I choose 3 to get done. And then 3 more that would come next. That’s it! I use Todoist app and it helps me!
Judy J.
I make sure I do my things everyday. But if there is something like going on a vacation or having guests over, etc I skip one or two things from my to-do list.
Lana E.
After I accepted the challenge I’m really sticking to it. I did it every day either before or after breakfast. I think it is the easiest one to do after getting used to drinking water, very conceptual, no hard work involved. I think I am better at thinking rather than doing…
Oscar O.
Moderately I try to make myself do all of it but I let myself pass if I am not able to do one because of military reasources such as I didn’t have tea or a scale so I couldn’t complete those objectives but I did everything else
Evan Y.
It depends, but I try to prioritize and then if I don’t get to some of the stuff at least a got a couple things done. I’m in the habit of writing to do lists that are far too long, so I try to just remember that it’s not about getting everything done, it’s about getting something done.
Gina Y.
I'm not too strict with my to-do lists. I just use them as general guidelines for my day so I don't just waste my time. If there is something extremely important that I have to get done then I prioritize it, but if I were too strict with everything I wanted to get finished on my to do list, it would just stress me out and possibly cause me to lose the motivation to do what's on my list. Using them as guidelines help me use my time more wisely but being too strict with it keeps me from enjoying my day (just don't forget that it's not the end of the world if you don't get something done; if there is something you absolutely have to get done, prioritize and get it done first!) I hope this helps <3
Hazel U.
Firstly I’m honest with myself, I don’t tick something as done until I have truly done the task as needed. Secondly, I’m flexible. I have a list of a lot of things to do but I prioritize certain tasks above others. I usually get round to the important tasks first, and then later complete the less important ones if there are time.