How does one prevent burn out from writing a todo list everyday? I always start out strong then dwindle to weekly lists then will just forget.

Burkhardt T.
I always write to do list. Now with this app, it’s just push to do better. Don’t write it in long sentence, I just make it short in point form so as to remind myself.
Annedore A.
Well as i’ve learned in this fabulous app about building new habits and maintaining them on the long term is that u need to start small always so what I do is i tell my mind that I am going to practice a certain habit for the next 3 days only so basically i no longer set a long term habit , mentality it’s like a trick but a sincere one so I don’t commit for long term habits although indeed I am so this helps start and stay motivated and you don’t need a full and long to do list remember to always start small .
Rasmus C.
You have to be committed to a goal. It’s gotta be something you ardently desire. Otherwise your current paradigm will take over.
Pascal P.
Use a planner to write your weekly to-do list, then create daily to-do lists but focus on your top 3 goals to accomplish for the day. When you accomplish them, acknowledge yourself at the end of the day and reward yourself. Then create a plan or edit your schedule for the following day, and proceed to do the same. Follow the 3-2-1 rule or 1-3-5 rule. Accomplish 3 or 1 important goal, then 2 or 3 medium importance goals, and finally 1 or 5 smaller goals. Remember to reward yourself after and journal what went well.