What’s your efficient and productive ways to write and achieve more on your to-do-list?

Freja Z.
I’ve been struggling a lot with my to-do-list, but I have just decided started with baby steps, I mean, I divided the projected in small pieces then I can focus on what I can really do
Ava S.
Still going very slowly with a to do list because I’m constantly trying to figure out how to manage a life and home and integrate art again.
It’s very slow
Noah W.
I know it is silly but when I colorize and beautify my bullet-point to-do-list I more think about goals and I'm less scared to do them 🙂
Troy Q.
I tend to limit my to-do list to three items. These items are the most pressing things, things that maybe have been bugging me for a while (that I’m spending more time actually thinking about than doing) it things that I need to get done that day. This makes sure that I actually feel accomplished because I only need to focus on three things. Hope this helps 🙂
Damien T.
Keep it simple and real. The main benefit of the to-do-list is that makes you think in the actions needed to accomplish a goal. Small and simple actions are more manageable. So instead of focusing in a big goal during my day I focus on the tiny steps. As a result, I feel less anxious and get more efficient. For instance, I know I have to deliver a report, but instead of writing deliver a report I’ll write simple steps, such as, organizing and gathering information, deciding on report structure or writing the data analysis section. My to-do-list will have actions, so I’m able to estimate the time it will take me to complete these actions. If I have many actions I a day I’ll just keep in my list the amount of action I can actually finish within a day. In this way, I can avoid being frustrated at the end of the day if my actions are not achieved.