How do you keep yourself from adding in more and more new habits too quickly?

George I.
I’ll try to have “let it go moments” and get rid of habits that are now automatic or that I haven’t been able to make them habits. There is an exercise that also helps get back on track that helps you go through your current habits just in case you fall into a rut.
Hor Cio F.
Add more and more habits but after I meet a certain goal. And after adding certain number of goals unstead of adding more I start replacing my existing habits with newer or more difficult ones.
For example: I started doing push-ups with 1 push up per day, I added 1 push up to my target after 3 days until Ihad 20 (after 2 months) . Instead of starting another habit I kept it at 20. Now I am adding crouching with slow increments. After I am comfortable with both pushups and crouches, I will start replacing push up with single arm push-ups.
Anne Katrin F.
It can be really hard, TBH. But remember these are *habits* not “to-dos”. Also, bear in mind that these are to make new habits, not reinforce existing ones.

Once you have that in mind, limit yourself to only adding 1 new task after a week of successfully completing what you have already committed to. This way by the end of the week, you will know if you have extra resources to commit to a new habit.

Most importantly? If you have too many, you can always reduce and refocus. This is REALLY important. If you’re just not able to add in a task yet, it’s OK. Build up your triangles first. Get a streak going. When you are feeling energized, add ONE. See how it goes.