How do you stay motivated and positive?

Margie U.
I usually can not stay positive. And that is why i am following this program. But what i observe and understand is if i can define the end result or visualize the end result well in my mind then it is much easier for me to stay motivated. However the problem is it is not very easy for me to visualize that end result most of the time. Also it helps if i succeed in finishing the previous to do list.
Troy P.
I make goals. I need a challenge. I set rewards for my self. I like apprearing amazing to other people. I like being reliable a team player.
Barry P.
I’m not always motivated and positive, and I’m not sure that anyone really can be in every situation. I’ve found a few things that help:

1. Strengthening the foundation. This means keeping a healthy routine – exercise, diet, to-do lists, meditation, sleep. Paying close attention to why you are tired or hungry or agitated and doing something logical about it so that you feel well.

2. Doing more things that I enjoy, reducing the things I don’t. Outsourcing as many of difficult, overwhelming tasks – cleaning, yard work, laundry, meals, etc. – as I can. Optimizing to spend as much time with my kids as possible.

3. Being accepting and forgiving of myself, and tweaking plans when they don’t quite work. Understanding that no one is a machine that can endlessly execute toward a goal. Expecting big obstacles. Expecting constant failure in little bits and pieces.

4. Finding unique (and better) ways to accomplish your goals. For me these ways are often rooted in technology, which is a reason I’ve taken to this app. Just because everyone else says “the right way” to exercise is to get a gym membership, or play team sports, or go running, doesn’t mean that’s the right way for you.

5. Getting advice. Sometimes it takes a third party – friend, boss, etc. – to cut through the noise.

L Onard S.
Its all about getting into a routine in which your mind doesn't have the time to distract you or give you negative thoughts, it is important that you identify your thoughts as either helpful or not and then move forward.
Nicoline P.
Jag försöker komma ihåg varför jag startade något. Jag inspireras av goda exempel och tänker hur jag kommer att vara som människa om x antal månader och år
Joel F.
Sometimes I look at a picture of my family or a beautiful vista and feel positive. Sometimes I listen o music or a particular song and get in a positive mood.
In S O.
Be grateful for everything. My husband is dying from terminal cancer, so I have the choice to sit and feel sorry for myself, or focus on my blessings. Focus on what I can do -step by step- goal by goal… moment by moment. There is always something to be grateful for. Gratefulness is positivity!
Gertrude E.
Motivation can come from more superficial things like buying new exercise gear or it can come from the deep internal desire to change something. Personally, I am often motivated to please others so it is helpful for me to have a coach, teacher or friend that I am staying accountable to (or an app in this case) 🙂