How do you hold yourself accountable to your plan?

Joris T.
I have set up classes for exercise, a weight loss program where I weigh in weekly and I have a dog with brown eyes who wants to be walked everyday. I have a husband with Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson’s who shows me every day how to be brave and carry on and good friends who encourage me and make nice plans with me. All this keeps me on track and motivated. Sunny days help and I just happen to like my wake up music Failure is not an option
Janet Z.
My number #1 routine is checking Fabulous everyday first thing in the morning, early afternoon and in the evening! Whether I accomplish everything or not I go through each routine and aloud speak out the tasks to engrave them in my memory. It works and helps to remember them to accomplish the next day!
Zenira S.
I guess it comes down to reminding myself that I am the priority. My health, my well being, my goals MATTER. Then it really does just become a habit and not wanting to break the streak of showing up and making myself that priority I believe myself to be.
Howard E.
This app is helping me to be thoughtful about what to do when things don’t work as planned. I’m pretty driven but the trick is how to recover.