Do you have any to-do list strategies or tools that you enjoy?

Kleydianne E.
I usually have a brainstorm about what my real interests are, and then focus on what I really want to improve at the moment. So write it all down, and choose your path
Owen Q.
Ik schrijf graag in een schrift en probeer daarbij heel overzichtelijk te maken wat ik wil doen. Daarvoor moet ik prioriteiten stellen en dat geeft rust in mijn hoofd. Ik kom daardoor beter toe aan hetgeen ik wil doen.
Rafael C.
When I was in nursing school, not only did I make a Things To Do List, I also planned out my day including the items on my list using times. I set up blocks of 45-50 times where I would work on certain subjects and then take a quick 10 min. break. And then I stuck to it as much as possible.