How do you keep track of what you have accomplished on your To Do list?

Francisco E.
I write everything down in a notebook. I cross the actions off as they are accomplished. Instead of trying to tackle everything every day, I look at my list and decide which are the most important to finish, and which are the most doable for that day. Then from there, I pick the top 3 to get done that day. If I have time to do more, I continue, crossing off as they are accomplished. I don’t want to set myself up for failure, so I just stick to 3 a day, to get done for sure. As I think of new things to do, I add them to my running list.
Lson C.
My reminder list has a facility to ‘view accomplished tasks’ if I want. To be honest I don’t usually bother for the smaller routine stuff. But if I accomplish something significant that I’m particularly pleased about or that was particularly challenging, I log it on my ‘happy feed’ which I do every night.
Armand Q.
I have a bullet journal I made myselff and in it are for every day my appointments, my to do list, my moodtracker, Daily goals, gratitude tracker and also what i'm going to eat. Every mornig I check my appointments en fill in my to do list and goals (food I do every sunday for the whole weak). Than at the end of the dat I check out wat I've done of the to do list and of there is something open it Will be replaced to the next day. I alsof reflect on my dat and fill out my nood and were I am gratefull for that day.
Stefano X.
I simply cross it off as I do them. I also use the moment I’m crossing something off as an opportunity to adjust the list. Sometimes accomplishing one thing leads to other things that have to be done.