Do you break up big tasks into smaller pieces or just write the big task and cross it off when the whole thing is done? Why does one or the other work better for you?

Greg F.
I only write down the big task but I’m not sure if it work well for me. Creating smaller tasks sometimes masks me feel overwhelmed because there are more tasks on my agenda
Tiago T.
I always break a large task into smaller pieces. This started when I was a child and had to wash dishes as a household chore. I would sometimes be overwhelmed by the amount to be done, and my mom would tell me to “do the glasses” then “do the forks” and so on, and eventually it would all be done. To this day when faced with a large task, I think to myself, “Just start by washing the forks . . . “
Chlo E.
I personally do both. Sometimes I break up large tasks into smaller ones when there are clear smaller components of the task. But sometimes a large task is really just one large task
Wyatt P.
I like to break everything down into smaller tasks and cross them all off as I go. Or even at the end when I'm done to make sure I've covered everything I needed to do.
Annedore S.
Haven’t analysed it really. I just write down big task and that’s it. For me breaking the task into smaller parts is the part of project management. Which is completely different domain in my head.