How do you keep track of your to-do items?

Andreas P.
I make my To Do list in this app and go back to the list of it as needed, I keep the ✅ emoji handy to mark off which ones I’ve finished, I never delete items even if I do not accomplish them. This way, I can look back to yesterday and make sure I schedule a task if it was missed. Some days I make my to-dos very broad, such as, fine optimism, go to work, sleep. Other days I go into the minutia, grab paper from counter next to the stove, put paper in back pack, copy paper when at work, take the copy and send it to HR department , etc. I just go with the flow and what feels right for that day.
Sofia O.
After I started using this app I had to make time for myself and things I wanted to get done, so I started a to-do list, when I write things down it makes me actually see the task and make me focus more to get it done.
Freddie J.
I use an app on my phone for tasks that merges with my calendar. But sometimes I also compliment that with a small notebook. I need to pick one and stick with it because it’s bad to have more than one system. Maybe the notebook
Christina F.
I arrange them in the order i’ll most likely do them and then I start small. I pick things I know I do or things that are easy and then I start to get into checking off my to do list. After that it gets easier to complete more tasks and also the more difficult tasks.