How do you write/organize your to-do lists? Do you do it electronically or in a notebook (and do you put in an effort to make it look nice rather than just a plain list, like journaling/ colorful pens)

Carmine C.
My to do list is in electronic format. I have a reminder on the app usually at night. But I also write them during the day as soon as I remember them. What has worked is to plan them them on the time I estimate to have the time for them and set appropriate reminders.
Alison T.
I do mine electronically as I have learnt through trial and error that this works best for me. I can still keep track of stuff I've crossed off each day but have more flexibility in terms of living things around in line with changes to timings. Sometimes I do things that are in my to do list for a future time and find lots of satisfaction from crossing that off too!