When do you make your to-do list? Why do you choose that time of day?

Mikkel P.
Currently at the beginning of my day and not the night before. Although I do have a recurring set of tasks that I've scheduled with the reminder option of my Google calendar and those come pretty handy. All I have to do at the beginning of my day is just make sure they are aligned with my day's objectives and remove or add tasks as necessary.

Hope this helps!

Albert Q.
I make my To-do list two times a day, the first one is when I finish all of my tasks in the afternoon because sometimes I don’t finish all of them so I reschedul them for the next day. And the second time I do this list is when I finish my school day and I put all of my homework and assignments. I also arrange them in order that the ford ones are the most important or the ones I need to finish first. Hope it help you.
Best wishes
Eddie E.
I make To-Do lists twice daily: One in the evenings before I go to sleep so that I wake up the next morning ready to tick items off my list, and another list during my afternoon ritual to set goals for the rest of the day.
Frederik U.
First thing in the morning with my morning coffee. If leave for later random things come up and I am not prepared to prioritize.
Christian O.
After breakfast. Then i had time to check my calander, or the things i wrote down that i had the do that day. But it is still early in the day, so that i didn't get distracted yet.
Ma Line Y.
I haven’t been making a to do list regularly. When I do, it’s usually at night so I can set those busy thoughts down and relax, knowing I’ve got the next day sorted.
Frank J.
I usually make my to-do list at night as I can plan my day beforehand. Moreover I try to check my to-do list in the morning to schedule my day properly.
Lee O.
I usually do it once I arrive at work because of the morning hassle with preparing everything for my family. The truth is that if I had to wake up earlier, I would be able to do it at home
Martha C.
In the evening when i am tidying up i think on the things that need to be done tomorrow and then i writw them down and prioritize them.
Mario Q.
When i have stuff on my mond in the evening i do iT then. When i start a working day then in the morning… usually pen and paper
Loiraci E.
I typically make my to-do list shortly after I wake up, or during my first class, and add to it throughout the day. By making it shortly after I wake up, I prepare for my day and then I can keep in mind what all I need to do.
Jared P.
I make mine in the morning while I’m drinking my coffee. It’s forcing me to slow down and plan my day and not just run around like a chicken with its head cut off
Chris P.
Weekdays in the afternoon: when I can see what has been done today, what still can be done in the rest of the day and what can only be done the next day or put off for even later. Plan for the weekend often made on Friday.
Jamie Y.
In the evening while drinking my cups of tea. Because I can relax in the evening and making my to-do lists at this time, I don’t lose any time in the morning. So I am prepared!
Sabine G.
I make my to do list in the morning, when I think of things, and at night if I’m really being good. However, I’m not always being awesome and I would like to be. To do list are great and they also give you kind of feedback on yourself of what did or didn’t get done and what item you keep intentionally not doing because you’re being self-destructive. So keeping the to do list in itself is like a way to self audit
Renee P.
I write my to do list the night before. This helps me plan the next day better than the day of. I'm better able to gather my thoughts and plan tomorrow's chores.
Le O Q.
In the morning while I am having coffee after I drink my water brush my teeth, make my bed and get dressed for whatever workout I am doing that morning.
Craig F.
I have just started doing my to do list again I am not sure I have my timing perfectly yet.

I do seem to make a rough draft to do list the night before. Just something to guide me tomorrow.. items to be sure to focus on.. and anything I have forgotten will have another chance to be remembered the next morning when I review my to do list. I would like to start making my timing for when i do my list a certain time. This will also help me establish a bedtime and lead to a better nights rest.

Line Q.
I think about before I go to bed , but I actually do it in the morning! I found that it helps me start the day more willing to tackle my tasks!♥️
In S Y.
Late afternoon evening. What I cant get done one day I try to finish the next day. The weekends are off limits unless something happens
Tais Q.
Late evening- like my day is finished. I guess it’s because my current lifestyle pattern determines that I am a night person. I usually sleep later than 11:30pm and I cannot fall sleep until 1:30 am. Sometimes I can feel my brain was moving and thinking so fast when I was lying in bed.
Karen Y.
I work on my to do list in the middle of the day around one because it is really the only time I have between being a work and a teacher. During the hours of one to three my students are napping (3yos) and I have time to reflect on things I need to do and things that I have done. When I get off I am in full time mommy mode so that list may not be thought of for a while.
Sonia U.
3 times a day. Before I leave the house, mid day to prioritize, and evening to prep for next day the things I didn't complete.