When do you study? I personally like to study at night. But I would like to know your preferences too. I am open to try something new. What would you recommend?

Inesita Z.
I am fresh in the morning, that is when I spend my time in Bible study. It helps set my day. I do my scholastic study in the evening starting several hours before bedtime. I am contemplating the information as I fall asleep and it helps me to remember it better. The last thing you think about at night before you go to bed is what you're going to think about in the morning when you wake up. After you have reviewed your dreams, if you remember them. 😊 The information that I reviewed last night I remembered this morning. Try it and see how it works for you.
Deanna P.
I study in the morning. I personally do not function well at night, especially when I’m tired, so I find that I can get more done in less time if I work just after I wake up. Also, there are fewer distractions in the morning, fewer people who’d message you or disturb you, and fewer things on your mind. It’s quieter, and allows for better focus. Whatever you do, I hope it works well, and wish you good luck on all your learning experiences!
Suzanna F.
I just purchased a journal and will be making notes thought Out the day… feeling chart daily… engery level… eating habits
… exercise habits… emotion check ins… all if this important as I overhaul myself…
Noah W.
Hi, i too love to study at night but my night schedules cannot stretch beyond 1 hour else it hinders my sleep. Sometimes for deep work, night time is really suitable. It is quiet and calm. But morning time beard those extra 1-2 hours for study work with higher energy and concentration. A mix of both might work better for me but I would need to manage my sleeping habit better to have efficient mornings.