What types of tasks do you put on your todo list? Do you think categorizing tasks and projects can help be more productive? It’d be great if you tell about way you organize yourself and methods you use. It’s interesting for me how other people do that. Thanks 🙂

Shawn F.
I am still working on this. What I am doing right now is writing down short title actions like… drink water, exercise (yoga), brush teeth, weigh in, then I’ll do school subjects that I need to study and write those down. I don’t want to get too bogged down by writing a to do list that it becomes a chore, I just want simple task reminders to keep me on track through out the day.
Siddhi T.
Yup a to do list helps you a lot… It makes you more productive as you know what to when to do and it helps you to complete your things on time. Which is the best thing…. Everything on time and perfectly done without any hurry 🙂
Nicola W.
I break my task in to areas/project .. I write everything I have to do down as I forgot easily this can lead to being overwhelmed sometimes but then I prioritise depends on deadline then I break them down in to smaller deadlines by week and use post it notes for each task- then each day I pick a few post it notes to work on and once done tear up it definitely helps work through things if you have lots of different tasks and areas
Morgane S.
I don’t really categorise my tasks for certain things that I have to do, rather to when I am going to do them. That way I can structure myself way better. If it helps you personally to categorise by categories, then do it that way. I hope I could help you to better organize yourself🙂
Ne Teles Q.
I try to put things that are not part of my routine and organize them by priority. Then I try to do the least appealing task with the highest priority first.
Marissa T.
I have to take extra care while making a todo list because I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder along with other chronic illnesses/fatigue, which makes it easy for me to procrastinate. I’ll usually break down a task into smaller pieces to make it seems less overwhelming. My ability to function each day can be unpredictable, so planning ahead of time is difficult and can lead to feeling discouraged. I try to prioritize the smaller tasks first, and add larger/difficult tasks into a “bonus“ category. That makes it easier for me to acknowledge the things I did accomplish instead of focusing on what I did not finish each day!
Angela Z.
I tend to try and keep it simple, so I might put “Study: read first 2 chapters”, “laundry: towels”, “cleaning: bathrooms”
Michele T.
I think it’s better to break projects down into tasks, and only put the tasks on your to do list. I use the Bullet Journal, incorporating the Alastair method. I also recently started breaking up my todo list into three categories: 1) “maker”, or creative projects for my job, 2) “manager”, or administrative/boring tasks for my job, and 3) “personal”, or anything I want to do that isn’t related to work. I set up my to do list each week on Monday and put the tasks into my digital calendar also so I can block out my day.
Enzo C.
I put all kinds of things on my list. Right now I’m on vacation, so the list is a bit different. I put things I want to do today, and things that need to be done. Like: do my sewing project, go running, pack for road trip, pay the bills, tidy up balcony garden etc. I try to list everything I have in mind, so I get them out of my mind on paper. When I have listed everything, I look at them and decide, which are the most important and urgent tasks, and mark them with exclamation mark. So that’s my list for today. After this, I decide what I will do first, and after that.. and mark my tasks with numbers.
I usually don’t get all my tasks done, but I get the most important ones. Some tasks I will do some other day.. and some tasks never, because I notice that they were not important.
Hope you find this helpful!