Something I feel stressed out and I’m not able to go out for a walk, or talk to someone. I rest on the couch checking social media, or reading shit, sometimes smoking or almost crying at times. Any ideas of how to get out of that situation by myself? Thanks!!!

Elgar Q.
I went through this experience in last June and it lasted for two months (and still but less) … as I am unemployed for 11 months, which put me in a state of stress and anxiety …. until I decided to change this situation… I read a good book … and I realized that everything would come at the right time and that I had to set long-term goals and a daily plan to implement them… I unfollow the people who show off their luxury lifes on instagram, I make a daily to-do list, workout and read books and I pray and stay away from sexual desires.. We have 1440 minutes a day of our lives that we must make good use of .
Elisabet I.
Im sorry you feel like that, but maybe the next time you feel overwhelmed try taking deap breaths and tell your self that you are strong and can do this. Hope this helps!
Asmita P.
Thank you for asking, I go through exactly the same thing when I’m just sitting on my bed mindless watching tv or scrolling IG. The first step was to recognise in doing it and then I found out it’s something called a “freeze response” that we put ourselves in. The best thing that helps me is when I notice I’m doing it, I just get up and do something that makes me feel better like organising my space or fix a healthy snack or play with art. Good luck
Robin W.
Sounds like you could use a new at home hobby! Start by trying Simple at home workouts, maybe do just a few different exercises with some dancing in between. I love to find good nostalgic songs and let my my body do the work! If that’s not your thing, maybe try to break out some paper and find some pencil art inspiration! While of course jamming some upbeat tunes!
Tonya O.
Try to minimize screen time, checking social media was basically my biggest disaster. I found out doing things through out the day and posting everything I do in my status kinda felt great because people came asking me how was my day. Its a win win situation because I enjoyed the day and also I get interested people so J can talk about it to them. Eat something you enjoy, sometimes our mood is just messed up that you don’t eat anything and basically you are feeling like that because you ate nothing and them to discover you are just hungry. You mentioned you are laying on a couch, that my friend because you probably didn’t exercise or activate your body. When you finally do so You will automatically feel freaking energetic and you will actually feel like you would want to walk and relieve all the stress. Dont worry about anything man we live omce and its all gonna be okay and what matters is your mental health too, its not worth actually being sad because you didn’t get what you wanted and I discovered this the hard way and I wish I knew before this happened. Good luck man and stay positive
Frederikke W.
1. Delete social media, its only companies giving a blind eye to your mental health and only caring about profit. Its designed to keep you hooked
2. When you feel stressed out know you’re fighting for the future version of yourself, meditate or do the breath of fire by Wim Hof or any Wim Hof exercise.
3. Journal your thoughts on paper, do it all. Your hand should be hurting from how much you write. Do it all. Discipline yourself too
Ella T.
Hey, don't be hard on yourself. First, remember you're a human being, not a robot, and your feelings are valid. They are also trying to tell you something. Listen closely. Second, you want change, you need change, but change won't come to you. You must find a way to push through and make yourself do something – anything for just a few minutes. That will break your pattern of thinking and feeling low. If you think you might need a help from a professional, you owe it to yourself to seek that help. You are not alone in your struggle. Have hope.
Zeel Z.
I'd say reading or watching something that doesn't make your emotional is usually a good way to help you ease out of those moods. I also use hobbies or games where I can use my hands if I have the energy for them.
Celia Y.
It may sound stupid but showering it's one of the most challenging but rewarding things in these cases for me. I really hope you get better at getting out of those cycles!
Nicole X.
First Step: Find out what is causing you to feel stressed. Second Step: Search The Cognitive Triangle.
Third Step: Try to change your thought process. Do not assume or think in a negative manner.
Fourth Step: If this does not work do not hesitate to seek help or ask someone. Use social media in a positive way or stay away from it for a bit. FOCUS ON YOURSELF, YOUR SURROUNDINGS, & NATURE. Try to feel better not worse. And do your best to try staying away from smoking. DO things that HELP you NOT hurt YOU.
Liam O.
try to do something that you like, or something that you can't do in the past. try give yourself a reward, no matter how big they are, thats not important as log as you're happy. don't push yourself too much, don't thinking too hard, just try to enjoy the life.
Pamela E.
About that I have very bad habbit, when I feel stressed some time I tried maditation but almost 90 % time I am scrolling social media like insta, Facebook, Youtube ,
Fabien O.
90% of it is just arriving, once you have ur shoes on and ur outside its easier than you'd think. If it was easy, everyone would do it
Maitha N.
I will give you advice and I hope that will help you when you have a problem just said and have this conversation with yourself because nobody will gonna know you three clearly and every person that you will tell them your problems they will judge you but you’re not judge yourself because you know who you are and why you did this weather is And also believe in yourself and just trust yourself and you can do better than this even if you sit and just do nothing but at least you wake up you work for a little bit you just check your phone maybe have a little conversation I’m just step-by-step you will find yourself in the good place just trust yourself and also stay healthy and take care of yourself because you’re a Gold do you have someone in your body do you know who is this what you what different version of yourself let’s see it like a baby version of take care of this baby and you should make this person happier so how we will make this person happier so just think how you can do a better things and also if you have any problem just don’t think about the emotional things are you feeling think about the problem and serious and just give yourself advice for this problem and you can do it
Eliza T.
Well i see you regreting your decisions which is good u are mature enough to know what's good for you so i believe solution for you is to make daily to do list with proper time mentioned with a motive to accomplish it . it will help you wake up with a purpose for your day which will definitely be beneficial 🤞