How does one juggle kids with meetings, Fabulous, and general life?

Alan T.
I think Fabulous should help you juggle kids/meetings & general life.
While it may seem ambitious to plan a whole morning session with Fabulous that does not contain ‘normal’ activities, this is unsustainable. The habits you develop through fabulous should make life easier & more full of joy, not cause extra strain.
Victoria P.
Well If you’re eating healthy you can encourage your kids to eat healthy too and they’ll grow up eating healthy, my parents always raised me with healthy homemade food always use organic stuff and now I hate artificially flavored stuff because it tastes so fake. If you have meetings early plan your meal the night before so you don’t have to wake up super early, But make your putting your stuff in fabulous to keep track.
El Na Z.
For me, Fabulous is general life, or at least my goal for general life. The ability to make your own tasks and goals has helped me with cooking and meal prep, with taking non screen time time with my partner, with building in quiet time for my little one in the morning routine, it has just become small reminders and steps to organize the normal, everday things of life.
Marco E.
Uuughh! That is the million$ question. I think the best thing is to use a calendar app or written and each night work on scheduling out appts for yourself and the kids and a to-do list that is realistic. Don't schedule more than 1appt a day and keep the to-do list to only a few a day. Remember, these years with the kids are about spending time with them, not todo lists or appts. You have only about 17 years to spends with them and then the rest if your life for cleaning your home.
Dilan T.
It’s tough. It makes completing my rituals twice as long. Luckily I don’t really have any meetings. I had a really long streak going for a while, until one night I got home from a family event and went straight to bed, without wanting to do my evening routine at all. Ever since then, it’s been difficult getting a streak going again. I think I need to remove some of the habits so the routine isn’t as long.