How do you stick to a routine with so much pressure around you ?

Jaroslav C.
Make the routine easier and less stressful. Make your routine a way to destress. If you start small and add stuff to it then you will find that the routine will start to work with you instead of you trying to do u our routine.
Lucas X.
I prioritize everything and I do everything step by step and I make sure that I space things out because if I do everything at once, I get really overwhelmed and I will not be able to get it done. I also ask for help when I need it the most and that also helps me as well.
Berndt C.
Planning ahead is critical! By that I mean getting your groceries ahead of time, planning out meals…..especially if you’re eating out!
Eve Z.
I just try my best to finish the to-do list in Fabulous since it cost me quite a lot. The pressure around me are not as heavy as others, my life is pretty good, receive enough love and attention, having decent grades (in my opinion) and good quality of free time and sleep time. The only problems are that my routine is a little messy so the to-do list would help me a lot, that's why I can keep my patient to catch up with the challenges and tasks every day in Fabulous.