Do you set a time to do each to do?

Lohan W.
I don’t set a timer for each todo personally. My reasoning is that what would you do if you dint finish the todo on time before your next todo. So I just write a list of what I want to do. There is no order or anything, just simply tasks I want to accomplish. Best of luck!!!
Victor P.
Yes and no.
I like to set times but sometimes I don’t follow them exactly.
I may not wake up at the time I plan (likely earlier lol).
Sometimes something takes longer (like making breakfast) that bumps other things back.
Alice Q.
Yes! I usually remember without problem the morning and evening to dos.
But for sure a time set for the other one during the day are definitely helpful!
Gabin T.
No. I usually follow morning, afternoon, and evening routines which have specific activities. For my established to-do list, I don’t set times but I do try to prioritize. For example, if I have errands to run, I try to make a route that has me stopping along the way rather than wasting time.
Cherly O.
No not as of now. My organizational skills are not that developed. But with the help of fabulous I will start doing that as soon as possible and try to be meticulous.
Franklin Z.
I do this only for deep work task. Up to now I had only quite short task to do (I aim for such – it is easier to handle and I am not getting overwhelmed) so there was no need for time monitoring really.